Prayer request for Melinda Watson
Regarding: Healing and Salvation.
[As of October 1, 2018 prayer is no longer needed]

update from: October 1, 2018

Mike has an update for Melinda Watson.

Update: Praise God. Mindy is now fully recovered from reconstruction surgery and is back to work. She is feeling better and much more back to normal.

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Our prayer for you is that you are fortified in your hearts to continue to love God and others, that you are blessed today and feel Gods presence as we have. With Love, the Watson family."

Let's join Mike and Mindy and family in praising God for Melinda's healing!

update from: August 6, 2018

Mike has an update for Melinda Watson.

"Please pray for Mindy. Today Is Her reconstruction surgery after breast cancer. This should be the final major surgery, praise God to get us to this point, and thank you for your prayers over the last year. She will be sore for the next three weeks so please keep us in your thoughts."

update from: March 25, 2018

Mike Watson has an update for Melinda Watson.

First reconstruction surgery went well. Still sore but on the mend. Thank you all for praying for my family. I know God has been with us.

update from: November 11, 2017

Mike has an update for Melinda Watson. 

"Thank you all for your prayers through this time  The Mastectomy went well.  They also did a biopsy on her Lymph nodes looking for the spread of cancer but thank God did not find anything.  Recovery took about a month, her body was almost ready for the next step of reconstruction but unfortunately got infected and we had to have emergency surgery to remove her expander.  This was tough to deal with but God was looking out for us.  After many Oncology appointments and a trip to Cleveland Clinic, we found out that Chemo would not be needed and started Radiation on Thursday.  God has been good to us, both our work places have been supportive including money gifts and time off.  People cooked us meals and came over to help with the kids. Mindy got in contact with a great person who went through a similar procedure who was very supportive.  This has been difficult but we are learning to trust God more and more. 

Please continue to pray that all cancer is removed and more importantly that Yahweh is glorified.  Thank you."

Please continue in prayer for Melinda.

update from: September 7, 2017

Mike Watson has an update for Mindy Watson. 

"Tomorrow will be Mindy's mastectomy surgery; it will be at 9am at St. Anne's hospital in Toledo.  We would like you to pray for Dr. Wright the general surgeon and Dr. Zavell her plastic surgeon.  We are praying that God works through them to make this surgery a success, fully removing the cancer.  Above all please pray that this is a time to grow our faith in the kingdom, that the trials we face now can help us to persevere, pressing on toward the high mark of our calling in the kingdom.
Please pray that God works in Mindy's heart to not feel self-conscious of her body and that the spirit of depression is rebuked.  Please pray for Lydia (8) Skylar(5) Nora (1) and for me for a hedge of protection and strength.

 This has been a turning point in our lives and we both need to give up some sinful behavior, so please pray for us in that as well.
Thank you so much, will update soon."

Please join me in prayer for Mike, Mindy and their family.

update from: July 13, 2017

Mike Watson has an update for Melinda Watson. 

"Mindy is very scared and anxious right now.  I hug her and love her but she can't turn off the troubling thoughts.  She has let me pray for her and has been allowing people with faith to share with her, which has been a blessing.  There have been several strangers who have been through this before that God put in our lives,  they have been helpful and caring.  I know God is working in our life.  Will update when more happens."

Please continue in prayer for Melinda.

original prayer request: July 7, 2017

Mike Watson would like to add a new prayer request for Melinda Watson. 

My Wife Mindy was just diagnosed with breast cancer she has been told she needs a mastectomy on her left breast.  She had to get surgery today to remove an infection before the mastectomy. She is very sore and very worried. She doesn't want to pray and feels like god did this to her I need wisdom and hope this is a time that she will want to accept Christ as lord.

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