Prayer Wheel

Prayer is our connection to the most powerful and awesome being in the Universe--God. Without prayer we are limited to our own resources to live. The first step in prayer is humility--recognizing that One bigger, smarter, more capable, than us is there listening. However, even when we try to really set time aside to honestly commune and cultivate intimacy with our Father, we find ourselves running out of things to say or repeating ourselves. The prayer wheel below is designed to help make our prayer lives better, more effective, and more enjoyable (for us and God). The theory is that if one were to do each of the 12 aspects of prayer for only 5 minutes, and hour would be filled.

click on either of the two prayer charts below

These charts were adapted from Dick Eastman's book: The Hour that Changes the World. Below we have listed the other books we carry on the subject of prayer. Almost everything worthwhile in life comes only from hard work and patience, prayer is no exception.

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